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ge​nerations of kids wh​o 
de​spe​​rately need to hear
 a message of hope.​
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Welcome Casey
We welcome Casey Davis to our Young Life staff.
It has been a busy year for our friend Casey. 
At the end of 2016 she graduated from 
Western Kentucky University and was
joined in marriage to Levi Davis. 
In February of this year she joined the 
Young Life staff here in Henderson.​ (Read more...)

The Vision
​​The Need
Current Ministries:

Young Life High School
Young Lives High School Teen Moms

 Goals for Future Ministries:
Capernaum HCHS
Young Life Webster County

We are currently reaching
 270 kids every week.
With your support, we plan to
double this number by 2019.  
Support for ​Local Ministry​

$15 = coffee for a local volunteer & two kids.
$50 = a local volunteer's ministry for one semester.
$100 = local staff ministry for one month.
$500 = one semester of club at one school.
$2,500 = student staff member at one school.

​​Support for Camp

$650 = one kid to summer camp. 
$1,000 = one kid to summer camp & all transportation.
$6,000 = one cabin o​​f kids at camp.
$10,000 = one cabin of kids & all transportation. 

​​Contact Steve Treece​, area director, with questions. 

Young Life has been ranked as a top charity by Charity Navigator​.

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